Debt Relief Is Possible

Contact a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Grand Rapids, MI

Do you see no end in sight to your mounting debt? Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one of the best options for those who have little or no assets. This form of bankruptcy will give you a fresh start by wiping the majority-if not all-of your debts clean. Contact Malinowski Law to speak with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Grand Rapids, MI.

If you have creditors trying to seize your wages, stop a garnishment by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Attorney Malinowski will stand by your side to take you through the entire process. Call 616-475-4994 today for a consultation with your local Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney.

What are the advantages of Chapter 7?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a great option for those who want a fresh start from debt. Though it will likely lower your credit score, filing for this form of bankruptcy can:

  • Keep creditors from harassing you
  • Allow you to keep certain necessities like your vehicle
  • Absolve you of debt in as little as 6 months

Stop a wage garnishment and get your financial independence back. Speak with attorney Malinowski today to start discussing your options in Grand Rapids, MI.