Negotiate a Lower Balance

Speak with an attorney for debt settlement services in Grand Rapids, MI

Has your debt grown to an amount that seems impossible to pay off? Sometimes, bankruptcy isn't the best way to go. Settling a debt with an attorney can help you eliminate your debt in one, smaller payment. Contact Malinowski Law to learn more about debt settlement services in Grand Rapids, MI.

Attorney Malinowski has spent over 35 years helping his clients recover from seemingly insurmountable debt. There is hope. Call 616-475-4994 today to get started on your debt settlement services.

How does the debt settlement process work?

Settling debt with an attorney is much easier than doing it alone. After you hire attorney Malinowski, you can settle your debt in three simple steps:

  • Stop paying credit bills and start collecting enough money to make an offer
  • Negotiate with your lenders on a single lump sum
  • Approve a settlement offer and pay the agreed amount in full

Attorney Malinowski will speak on your behalf during all negotiations with lenders and creditors. Ready to gain your financial freedom? Contact him today for a consultation in Grand Rapids, MI.