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Mike Malinowski was nothing like I’d expected. He was so much better. I was under a lot of financial strain for more than a few years. I needed out from under this onus. I met with Mike and we went over my finances, and, yes, I could file for bankruptcy. Mike made the entire process relatively easy and pain free. He did all the leg work. Whatever he did, I was able to keep my car! A few more meetings over a few months and POOF! it was over. Mike’s knowledge of the laws and the system proved to be invaluable. One vendor refused to accept the bankruptcy agreement. Mike countered and, long story short, we reached a settlement where I received more money than I initially paid for Mike’s services. Mike has eliminated a ton of stress and anxiety from my life. And, again, with little effort on my part. I’m forever grateful to Mike. If you need a bankruptcy attorney, Mike Malinowski is the only person I’d recommend.

– Todd Iovino

I would highly recommend Mike Malinowski as a bankruptcy attorney. He was very straight forward, honest and worked hard for my wife and I throughout the whole process. Very pleased with his services.

– Rob Rutherford

Michael Malinowski went above and beyond, and helped us out not only through a lengthy judicial process and bankruptcy, but he is knowledgeable and works for his client. I would highly recommend Michael Malinowski.

– Maria Antonieta Cruz

I was referred to Michael by a friend’s brother who hired him for a bankruptcy in the past. I was skeptical of the whole bankruptcy thing, however, due to the pandemic/lockdowns my business became crippled and the walls were closing in. With little other options I contacted Michael and was able to meet with him in a timely fashion. He answered all of my questions in a respectful way and worked with me on my needs of keeping me well-informed and went above and beyond to accommodate the exchange of time getting him the initial documents. I honestly don’t believe that the process of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy could’ve gone any more smoothly thanks to the professional assistance of Michael. Plus, his price was very fair. The whole process from start to finish took just over 6 months which was a blink of an eye. My massive debts were wiped out and funny enough my credit score went up 109 points once the bankruptcy hit my Credit Karma…Please note: I wouldn’t have needed to have filed if it weren’t for the pandemic, but realize that I’m not the only one who was in a financial strain due to the industry I was in. If you or your loved ones are experiencing such burden and feel as though your debts are becoming unmanageable, I highly recommend reaching out for a consultation with Michael to assess if Bankruptcy will better you and your future

– Chris Maxim

I was in the hospital when I had to file bankruptcy. Mike was very understanding, helpful and easy to deal with. He went above and beyond to make sure that everything was taken care of. He was straightforward. He made communication easy, and set my mind at ease. Walked me through everything step by step, and gave me options.

– Rebecca Shangle

Mr. Malinowski was great. He was very professional and straight forward. He was able to help me very quickly and made sure everything was on point. I am very grateful for all of his help in getting things done to help me start a new chapter in my life. If you need a great attorney he is definitely the one to go with.

– Melissa Bordes

Very professional, Will not have you out of the loop I HIGHLY recommend him for anything you are dealing with.

– Anel Memic

Mr. Malinowski was right on point. He treated me like I was a person and not just a case. Thank you for everything.

– Vanessa Love

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